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»» The Best Time To Visit Wineries in Italy: Cantine Aperte Festival

The 2011 “Cantine Aperte” festival will take place on Sunday, May 29.

The event, sponsored by “Movimento Turismo del Vino“, offers wine enthusiasts a chance to visit wineries throughout Italy and take a closer look at how the wine is made.

Selected wineries that are members of “Movimento Turismo del Vino”, will open the doors to the public offering tasting sessions and other wine-themed events.

In order to know the wineries participating at 2011 Cantine Aperte —  it is estimated over eight hundred cellars throughout Italy — please visit this page.

When: May 29 (annually the last Sunday of May);
Where: throughout Italy.

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»» Wineries Open to Public in Italy for “Open Cellars” Festival

The 2008 edition of Cantine Aperte” — “Open Cellars“, traditionally taking place last week-end of May in Italy, kicks off next week-end (May 24-25). Many wine farms and wineries open the doors to public, with free tasting sessions across the country.  

Several wine-themed events are scheduled in this week-end. To locate a farm or winery offering free tasting during this edition of “Cantine Aperte”, consult the list of farms and wineries joining to “Cantine Aperte” on the website

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»» Novello Wine Tastings Kick Off

On November 6, as in any year, in Italy Novello Wine starts to be sold.

Novello is a primeur wine made from more than 60 different varieties of grape. Low in alcohol with a taste fresh and flavorful, Novello is a favorite among both wine amateurs and connoisseurs.

With more than 100 wine cellars across Italy which will open to the public for tasting the young wines, wine lovers will have more than a chance to taste seasonal foods and regional specialities offered to accompany the Novello wine tasting. In order to locate the cellars that will be open to the public, visit this web page (click the links “cantine della regione” to find out more about the cellars ).

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»» Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars) – 2007 Edition

Next weekend the annual “Cantine Aperte” (“Open Cellars“), will give again the opportunity of free wine tastings across Italy.

Gaiole in Chianti-Tuscany

Cantine Aperte” is also an opportunity to better know about wine, vine, and territory.

Along with wine-tasting sessions, Open Cellars organises a range of exciting initiatives, including dinner with the winemaker, a gourmet event matching wines to specific foods, wine tours etc….

To know more about the selected wineries and distilleries involved in the 2007 edition of Open Cellars, download the guide here

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