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»» A Wine Train Ride in Southern Italy

The province of Avellino, also called Irpinia, is one of those areas in the Southern Italy, not so well known from foreign travelers.

Even though it is close to famed and heavily visited areas, such as Naples, Pompeii, Sorrrento, few know the picturesque places located in this part of Campania, and maybe, even fewer know about this land as a zone for production of quality wines.


Guided excursions by train, planned for Sunday, May 14, on the ancient Avellino-Rocchetta Sant’Antonio railway route, will offer a unique opportunity to discover the great wines and flavours of this area of Campania. Visits to cellars, historical sites, and of course, tasting sessions of local wines and specialties – to not miss the caciocavallo cheeses of Calitri, will be included.

The Avellino-Rocchetta Sant’Antonio route was so called “wine rail”, because in the ancient past had been serving the wine production areas of Irpinia. Now it is dismissed.
Trenitalia, will resume this wine route exclusively for the food & wine festival “Terra Mia” taking place from May 12 to 14, in the town of Atripalda, province of Avellino.
Ticket price for ride on the wine route:10 euro (see details).

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