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»» Enogastronomic Tours in Umbria Early November

Early November, Umbria offers an occasion to combine wine tastings with local delicacies and two of its major produce: truffle and olive oil. Some events in Umbria this week offer you a big chance to choose many enogastronomic tours combining wine, olive oil, truffle tasting with art, history and culture.


Beginning October 31 through November 4, two major white truffle exhibitions will be held in the historic towns of Città di Castello and Gubbio.
Mostra del tartufo Bianco e dei prodotti agroalimentari” in Gubbio (October 31 through November 4) and “Mostra del Tartufo Bianco e dei prodotti del bosco” in Città di Castello (October 31 through November 4) will also feature local olive oil, wine, cheeses as well as the many woodland delicacies these zones offer.

Getting there (by public transp.):
Città di Castello: take train to Perugia (Ponte S.Giovanni station, around a couple of hours away from Rome). In Perugia – Ponte S.Giovanni station change, take Ferrovia Centrale Umbra railway to Città di Castello
Gubbio: take train to Perugia (around a couple of hours from Rome). In Perugia take a bus (Piazza Partigiani bus station) to Gubbio. From there it will take you around 1 hour.
– See Città di Castello and Gubbio on the interactive map.

Frantoi Aperti“, is an event held in Umbria (November 3 and 4) to promote the local olive oil.
Many tours are being organized to guide visitors to ‘frantoi’ (where the olive oil is produced) located in an area well-known and appreciated from worldwide tourists for art, the beauty of its historic towns and the enchanting surrounding countryside. For event details and schedule visit

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