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The festival “Primavera del Prosecco” — Spring of Prosecco — enters the last week.

S. Pietro di Feletto and Serravalle are the last centers hosting Spring of Prosecco festival events in 2009. This annual festival features wine shows and many other events dedicated to Prosecco wine, scheduled in the spring, in centers located in the Prosecco growing-zone — Prosecco hills.


San Pietro di Feletto (see on the map) is hosting “Mostra dei vini di Collina” wine show (May 30 to June 14).

A wine show featuring labels from all of the wineries of S. Pietro di Feletto municipality and some of other municipalities in the surrouindings.
Sommeliers are offering expert advice on local wines and grapes. This show is held in the old hermitage of the Camaldolesi monks.

The medieval village of Serravalle, municipality of Vittorio Veneto, will be hosting “Vini in Loggia Show“, a wine show including many attractions and tourist events, such as wine sampling, local specialties tasting and a market of typical local products (June 12 to 21).

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