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»» How Wine Is Made – Revealed in Fun, Fact-filled Book

Grapes for drinking, wine from grapes….it seems easy. But do we know what must is? Is it true that certain micro-organisms devour grapes and produce alcohol? Can you produce white wine with red grapes? The answers to these and many other questions are found in “Grapes in the Glass“, a book by Teresa Severini Zaganelli, head of marketing and communications at one of Italy’s foremost wineries.

Grapes in the Glass

The book combines professional know-how and a sense of responsibility to introduce youngsters and adults to enology, setting the foundation for accurate information and the culture of taste.
A fun-filled visit among the vineyards becomes the springboard for talking about the fascinating world of wine in a new and simple way: drops of technical information, poetry, history and expertise to collect in a glass, remembering the words of English poet Edward Young: “friendship is the wine of life!”.

The Author: Teresa Severini Zaganelli is one of the first women in Italy to have become a professional winemaker.
After her university degree from the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Perugia, she specialized at the Institut d’Oenologie de l’Université de Bordeaux; since 1979 she has worked full time in the family business, one of Italy’s foremost wineries. After many years in which she was responsible for the technical vinification processes, acquiring know-how that allowed her to “invent” various wines, she is now head of company marketing and communications.

Italian winemaker Teresa Severini Zaganelli’s new book is on sale for $14.99 at

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»» Pinot Grigio for Christmas Dishes

Friuli Venezia Giulia, the small region located in the northeast corner of Italy, is an area well known for the production of excellent whites, including Pinot Grigio.

Terre di Gioia Pinot Grigio is an overtly fruity wine, with aromas of pineapple, honeydew melons, and a touch of creaminess. It retains, however, that crisp touch and lightness that makes Pinot Grigio so refreshing and popular.

It will do very well paired with seafood of all kinds, especially white fish or shrimp, so it is a good choice to accompany Christmas dishes.

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»» Italians Prefer Prosecco and Franciacorta in Summer

According a survey conducted by among a sample of wine enthusiasts in Italy, Prosecco of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, is the favorite wine to accompany appetizers and for pre-dinner time.

Prosecco, a dry and pleasantly bitter wine, that thanks its versatility satisfies the most demanding palates, is ideal to accomapny seafood dishes and – the sparkling variety, for aperitifs.
The Prosecco production zone is an area of Veneto including the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

The Vinitaly study also revealed that Italians would love conclude their day with Franciacorta and Champagne, which are indicated as the perfect wines for the summer nights.

Franciacorta is a dry sparkling wine from Lombardy.
White or rosè, with delicate and harmonious aroma, ideal for dessert and after dinner hours.

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»» Piedmont’s Olympic Wines

Winter sports fans traveling to Turin for the Olympic Games have more than a chance to taste high quality wines.

Turin is the capitol of Piedmont, one of the most important areas in Italy for the production of highly rated wines.
Sparkling and still, sweet and dry, red and white, common denominator of Piedmont’s wines is the high quality.

Below a list among the most known, including the areas of production where to locate wineries for wine tasting.

Production area: Langhe and Monferrato hills.
Straw yellow wine, sparkling or still, with a sweet taste.

Production area: northeast of Alba
Ruby red wine, dry still

Production area: northeast of Alba
Ruby red wine, dry still

Barbera d’Alba
Production area: large area around Alba
Ruby red wine, dry still, with a acid taste, ideal to accompany a traditional local dish: the ‘Bagna cauda’

Dolcetto d’Asti
Production area: southeast of Asti
Ruby red wine, dry still, with a soft taste

We’ll be back on Piedmont’s wines with wine tours in the production areas

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