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»» Primavera del Prosecco DOC – Prosecco Wine Festival in Veneto

The annual Prosecco Doc Spring Festival, started on February 26, runs through early July. The festival — known as “Primavera del Prosecco DOC” — features wine shows and a number of other events dedicated to Prosecco wine.

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Mostly concentrated in the week-ends, Prosecco-themed events take place in hill towns located in the growing zone of Prosecco, the Altamarca Trevigiana, lovely hills just a few miles north of Venice.


Here you have the schedule of events for 2011 “Primavera del Prosecco DOC”:

» Vidor: from Feb 2 to Mar 13;
» Santo Stefano: from Mar 3 to Apr 4;
» Col S. Martino: from Apr 4 to Apr 25;
» Guia: from Apr 4 to Apr 25;
» Miane: from Apr 8 to May 5;
» San Giovanni: from Apr 9 to Apr 17;
» Conegliano: from Apr 9 to Apr 17;
» Villa di Cordignano: from Apr 16 to Apr 25;
» Fregona: from Apr 16 to May 1st;
» S. Pietro di Barbozza: from Apr 23 to May 8;
» Saccol: from Apr 23 to May 1st;
» Refrontolo: from Apr 30 to May 15;
» Combai: from May 6 to May 15;
» Vittorio Veneto: from May 13 to May 29;
» Corbanese: from May 21 to Jun 05;
» S. Pietro di Feletto: from May 28 to Jun 12;
» Serravalle – Vittorio Veneto: from Jun 10 Jul 19;

More information about “Primavera del Prosecco DOC” wine festival is available at

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»» Prosecco Wine Festival in the Surroundings of Venice

The Altamarca Trevigiana, that part of Veneto comprised between the Pre-Alps mountain chain and Venice, every Spring welcomes wine enthusiasts with “Primavera del Prosecco Docg” — Prosecco Docg Spring — festival.

The event offers 17 wine shows and a number of wine themed initiatives, mostly concentrated in the week-ends, from March through June, held in hill towns located in this land.

Major wine-growing zone, the area is well known for its excellent wines, with Prosecco being one of them.

“Primavera del Prosecco” offers Venice visitors ideas for day trips including visits to historic towns, wineries, and wine shows and tastings.
The calendar of the events scheduled in spring in Altamarca Trevigiana at “Primavera del Prosecco Docg” festival is available at

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»» Wine Tours in Veneto – Touring Prosecco Wine Land

The festival “Primavera del Prosecco” — Spring of Prosecco — enters the last week.

S. Pietro di Feletto and Serravalle are the last centers hosting Spring of Prosecco festival events in 2009. This annual festival features wine shows and many other events dedicated to Prosecco wine, scheduled in the spring, in centers located in the Prosecco growing-zone — Prosecco hills.


San Pietro di Feletto (see on the map) is hosting “Mostra dei vini di Collina” wine show (May 30 to June 14).

A wine show featuring labels from all of the wineries of S. Pietro di Feletto municipality and some of other municipalities in the surrouindings.
Sommeliers are offering expert advice on local wines and grapes. This show is held in the old hermitage of the Camaldolesi monks.

The medieval village of Serravalle, municipality of Vittorio Veneto, will be hosting “Vini in Loggia Show“, a wine show including many attractions and tourist events, such as wine sampling, local specialties tasting and a market of typical local products (June 12 to 21).

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»» Spring of Prosecco DOC – Wine Festivals in the Surroundings of Venice

The production zone of Prosecco, in Veneto, lovely hills just a few miles north of Venice, offers wine festivals all the week-ends of spring.
The festivals, dedicated to Prosecco DOC wine, feature a number of wine shows and Prosecco-themed events; they are known as “Primavera del Prosecco DOC” — Spring of Prosecco DOC — festivals.

May 24, is the last day for “Vini and Grappe Città di Vittorio Veneto”, wine show held in the town of Vittorio Veneto.
With the traditional taverns open for the event, visitors have a chance of tasting local wines specialties there. The festival also offers visits to wine museums located in Vittorio Veneto and surroundings.

Conegliano, the “artistic town of wine”, hosts the “Prosecco of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Show“, a wine show held from May 15th to 24th, 2009 (only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). The town of Conegliano is well-known for its historic buildings and frescos beauty.

With its wine events, Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto in late May, are destinations to consider for a day trip from Venice filled with and wine tasting, sightseeing, art and history,.

More towns located in the Prosecco Hills area hosting Prosecco festivals in May and June include: Corbanese (May 23 to June 7), S. Pietro di Feletto (May 30 to June 14), Serravalle (May 12 to June 21). (See complete “Primavera Prosecco” program).

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